The leader of ZED. They are part of the Zeg species. Zeg only have one gender. When they choose to reproduce they gather DNA from as many other Zeg as they wish to create a robust genetic code.

In this way all Zeg are really familial. They identify to others as female but before interacting with species that used sexual reproduction they did not understand gender.


Rector is all about moving fast. She pilots the team’s spaceship. She loves to make things move and is in constant motion.

She belongs to a race that sees momentary glimpses into the future. Basically, by seeing milliseconds into the future she has abnormally fast reflexes. It is not like she can see into the future, but just instinctively knows what is going to happen. This also gives her incredible aim.


Sierra is basically a being made of rock that is sentient. She is humanoid and red. She does not need food, water or air so can survive in space.

Sierra may be the only one of her race she knows about. She was unearthed by archeologists after being dormant for millennium but has no memory of the time before she went asleep. She imprinted on the archaeologists who unearthed her.


Onki is part of a warrior monk culture – the OhPen. Like Hinduism they seek to reduce suffering but instead of a nonviolent solution they strive to end the lives of people causing suffering. This stops the spread of suffering and the ohPen believe release their energy the cosmos in a positive manner.

Onki sees weapons as holy objects and spends time not training in quiet contemplation and meditation. She appears to be a ruthless killer but sees herself as ending suffering.

Also along with OhPen tradition, she shows no skin.

Tee O’na

Tee O’na was a rescued earthling slave after the collapse of the earth empire. She may indeed be the last earthling. She was taken in by the galactic government and after becoming a doctor joined the military to help rescue people.

She is scarred physically and mentally by her ordeal and has no idea how she was taken from earth. She is generally seen as a rare oddity in the universe.