So with six pages of action, things in each episode need to really hum along. There is no time for anything but story. This leads to things like the cut between page 01 and 02 which is the equivalent of cutting with sound. The conversation continues from Tee’s caption to the archaeologists speech. Since this was the first episode I want to set up the series, set up the story, get right to the action and then the highlight of the blue light. Just because each episode has six pages and is a complete story doesn’t mean a larger story can’t be part of it.


Alien and academic, I wanted these characters to need the help of Zed and to be clearly out of their league. Jorge Gabotto did such a great job designing these characters. They look panicked and concerned but alien at the same time.

Onki’s Bike

Cool adventures need cool stuff. I wanted Onki to have this suped-up hover cycle. The other benefit is since Onki has four arms she can drive and shoot at the same time. My view of the bike was more like a 30’s Art Deco Motorcycle like from K.J. Henderson. Jorge did such a good job on the design, we went with it.

Tee in the Blue Light

The main moment in this episode for me was Tee trapped in this blue light. Of course I have a much longer view of the characters. The season has eight episodes and and this is just a hint of things to come. From the very beginning I had an image of Tee trapped in a blue light. Working backward from that single image, the longer story unfolds and what it holds for our characters is yet to be seen.

I wanted our team to be not perfect either. Things don’t always go their way and they have to deal with the repercussions of what has happened. So the adversary of this episode and what he is trying to do is not abundantly clear in this episode. In addition, the effect of the blue light on all of our adventurers has yet to be revealed.